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Passionate Food

One of the Passions of Argentina besides Tango & Wine is the passion for BBQ, for really good recipes I recently discovered an Argentinean website, a must to visit : http://www.asadoargentina.com/

The Dos Ochos wines are perfect partners for Passionate occasions like BBQ with family and friends.
Hereunder "Entraña" a traditional Argentinean Beef recipe:
One of the least expensive cuts of meat used in an asado, entraña is what many know as the skirt steak. The cuts are exactly the same. The meat is rich in flavor and extremely juicy, but can be at times be rather chewy and tough. If you are familiar with skirt steak then you will know that it usually comes with a slightly thick layer of fat and muscle membrane; similar to what coats the cuts of vacio. Although trimming the surrounding membrane will make the meat easier on the teeth, it is typically left on. Leaving it on will help to keep the juices inside with a tasty crispy exterior.
Since this is a cut of meat, factor the amount you need with the weight of the other cuts you will be cooking so that you have half a kilo, or one pound, of meat in total per person.
A good rub of coarse salt is all that is needed for the entraña. However, a generous rubbing of chimichurri can also do wonders. The cuts are usually quite thin and therefore should be on the grill near the end along other meats that do not require lengthy times. Flip when the side facing the grill is golden and crunchy. Cooking time usually only takes about 20-30 minutes over a hot grill.


Passionate artwork

Good news, our Dos Ochos team just gave final agreement for the Dos Ochos, Gran Noche packaging, looks very appealing to me !


Passionate Music Instrument

The bandoneón is a free-reed instrument particularly popular in Argentina. It plays an essential role in the orquesta tipica, the tango orchestra. The bandoneón, called bandonion by its German inventor, Heinrich Band was originally intended as an instrument for religious music and the popular music of the day, in contrast to its closest cousin, the German Concertina (or Konzertina), considered to be a folk instrument. German immigrants to Argentina brought the instrument with them in the early twentieth century, where it was incorporated into the local music. Like accordions and concertinas, the bandoneón is played by holding the instrument between both hands and either pushing in or pulling out the instrument while simultaneously pressing one or more buttons with the fingers.


Vessel of Maersk Sealand on schedule

Good news !!, we just received the confirmation that the containers with Dos Ochos wines will arrive in time, The Vessel of Maersk Sealand will arrive in Rotterdam 1st of August.


Behind Passionate Wines one need a passionate Wine maker

Federico Galdeano, winemaker
Enology graduate of his native Mendoza in 1988, he worked for eleven years with two top premium and sparkling wine producers before joining the Bodega for the 1997 vintage. Federico Galdeano was involved in harvests in Tuscany, Italy and in Napa Valley, California, USA. Head winemaker at a rapidly expanding company, he is responsible for enology, the quality control of products and supplies and also inter-departmental relations with the sales division. He is presently developing premium wine production in Argentina"Deciding just when to harvest is crucial. Maturity determines aroma, the alcohol content, tannins, acidity, balance and the very particular personality of Argentine wines


Passionate Backlabel

International Tango Festival Agenda

For those who like to travel and don't want to miss any Tango event: http://festivals.tango.info/

Tango agenda The Netherlands

For the latest agenda regarding Tango festivals,concerts and other events in the Netherlands: www.lacadena.nl/

Passionate Tango site

On of the most passionate and complete Tango sites I have visited lately, here you find all the ins- and outs of Tango Argentina, classes, mp3, video's, while enjoying Dos Ochos wine.

First Dos Ochos Wines arriving early August.

Our first range of 3 Dos Ochos wines a red,white and rosé wine are now in a containership on one of the oceans, very soon they will arrive in the Netherlands and than hopefully will bring a lot of Passion to the consumers.

Dos Ochos ,Gran Noche Wines

The 3 new wines under the Dos Ochos label will arrive in the Netherlands early July, all people involved in our Dos Ochos team are very eager to start and cannot wait to ship the first orders to the stores of our clients, meanwhile we also created a more premium range of wines that will carry the name Dos Ochos Gran Noche, 2 outstanding wines made with great Passion produced from the varietals Malbec and Viognier.